Much of this site is a tribute to the late, lamented Montreal alternative-pop band This "Blue Piano." Contrary to what the band's name might imply, the music was neither the blues nor piano-based (although you may occasionally hear keyboards in one form or another, depending on the song). The band coined a name for its own genre, 'softcore,' in response to the tired hype surrounding the so-called 'hardcore' punk that was all the rage in Montreal circa early 1981-86. Consider it melodic jangly guitar pop (think: the Orange Juice, The Smiths, etc.). But don't take our word for it. Listen (or see) for yourself.

Here are some videos from the Waste Island Records catalogue. Enjoy. 


this "blue piano," i before e

An oldie but a goodie. The song was a perennial audience favourite, first appearing on the group's debut cassette-only album, Dick and Jane Eat God

this "blue piano," cut

Previously unreleased track taken from the so-called Schmeeb Sessions. The sessions were intended as preproduction demos intended for the band's second full-length album, which never came to be. 

this "blue piano," then i saw you

The second video ever made for the band (after Ground's Gone, from which the thumbnail cameo is taken). It was made more than 25 years after the grou's split. Better late than never.

This "Blue Piano," City of Tears

A live favourite, this is a 2012 remix that was subsequently turned into the band's third ever video (not counting the assorted home videos captured by fans, friends & family). 

This "Blue Piano," where am I to go?

A rare extended version of the track that originally appeared on VOT Records' Listen compilation on which the ending faded rather than ending cold, as it does on this version. The extended, animated video also includes snippets of an alternative version of the song.

This "Blue Piano," Jerusalem

Another previously unreleased track from the legendary “NHL Suitcase” sessions.