Coming eventually: The Best of This "Blue Piano"

Only the Good Live On is the working title of the long-awaited 'best of' compilation by Montreal indie guitar pop quartet This "Blue Piano". In typically perverse T"BP" style, it takes its name from one of the later songs in the band's canon even though the song does not, in fact, appear on the album.

The album, many years in the remastering/repackaging/reissuing, is now tentatively slated for release in time for the 10th, er, 20th - oops, 25th, sorry 30th, no I mean 35th anniversary of the band's final recording sessions in 1986.


Although great care has been taken to preserve or improve the audio quality of Only the Good Live On, the recordings were mastered from a variety of low-fidelity sources, mostly 2-track stereo analog master tapes. These, in turn, were taken from a variety of sources including 4-track cassette Portastudio demos and 8- or 16-track studio recordings. Where possible, some audio restoration has been applied but the quality of the original recording sessions and the condition of the analog sources put constraints on what could be done to improve audio quality. Some versions were taken from second, third or fourth-generation dubs of audiocassettes.

In some cases, additional remixing and/or post-production was done (notably on Falling Down Again & City of Tears). This is noted in the track credits.

The tracks were selected by the band members themselves. Some songs on this collection just happen to be crowd favourites; if it were up to the punters then surely the track listing would be somewhat different. The absence of songs like I Before E, considered the band's first campus & alternative radio "hit," is mainly down to the fact that it simply didn't make the Top 10 band personal favourites. 'Cause that's just how we roll, mofos.

The following tracks aren't necessarily included on the "best of" compilation, but they are included here for your amusement and enjoyment in the meantime while we work our tiny Trump-like fingers to the bone preparing the album. 


Where Am I To Go? (Alternate mix)

A version of this track, with a fade-out ending, appeared on the 1985 VOT Records compilation entitled Listen. This version maintains the original, rock-out-with-yer-c***-out ending and it does, indeed, nudge bottom.

This version is, in fact, slated to appear on the Only The Good Live On "best of" compilation.



Arguably the band's first (only?) campus/college and alternative radio "hit," taken from their 1984 12-inch release The John the Baptist E.P. This 2012 version has been slightly remixed to emphasize the dance beat.

Being the contrary bastards that they are, the band did not select this for inclusion on the forthcoming Only the Good Live On compilation.


city of tears (2012 remix)

A slightly beefed-up version of one of the band's live favourites. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.



From the Silent Sound sessions that produced the legendary NHL Suitcase demo tape (1986). The band always had a penchant for playing things a little fast (particularly in the adrenaline-fuelled live settings) but for some reason this studio version was played slower than sounds natural -- so for once it was sped up slightly.